Thursday, November 21, 2013

The California Science Center with GrandMommy

I got my ticket to see the Spaceship Endeavor.

We ask the Science Center Experts about the materials used to make the spaceship.

Me and Daddy standing under the Spaceship Endeavor

Happy Birthday Grandmommy

Halloween Party at LILA

How can I forget to post Marley's PreK-C Halloween party complete with the makings of a homemade pie and a superhero photo shoot with Daddy! 

Marley's 1st Pre-K class trip!

I got a chance to chaperone Marley's LILA class trip to a Family Farm in Simi Valley. We had a great time! They were all so excited! "We are going on the BigYellow Bus"! It was a very big deal.  The children toured the farm, petting zoo, they harvested vegetables, and took a huge bag full of veggies home. i.e lettuce, beets, radishes, carrots, etc. It was an awesome experience to witness their first time visiting a farm.  Marley has really cute friends. He loves them all, but it was very obvious that his closest friends were Lila & Wyeth (The 3 musketeers). Witnessing the memories that will shape their lives forever!!! I was honored. 

Kids Creative Movement

I know Marley is my child because he never fights me when I tell him we have dance class. ....And I know he is Ahmed's son because he loves the fact that there are more girls than boys. 

He loves going across the floor and being the first to demonstrate. He is a natural performer; it really brings me so much joy that he can already find what's his passion. What more can a mother ask for? Sometimes it takes a lifetime for people to find their happiness. 

Thursday, September 12, 2013

First Day of L.I.L.A!

August 28th, 2013 was Marley's first day of L.I.L.A Pre-K, big boy School. (Is what we refer to private school) He is in a French immersion program, where he is completely immersed in the language and culture. Its an international diverse student body. Wonderful teachers. Bilingual. Classes taught in French all day and 1 hour of english. I was a bit nervous for him,  but currently we are at week 2 and he is finally not complaining about how hard it is and how every speaks (alien) french all the time! Little does he know he is already speaking a couple words here and there. I guess 14 years from now he will thank us for sending him. For now we will just let him whine. (said in english with a french accent) :) 

OUI Paris!!!

Our Family summer trip was spent in Paris. We flew a long 10 hours straight from LA with no problems. We saw every sight that you could imagine one would rush to see when in Europe! The Eiffel Tower, The Louvre , The Arc du Triomphe,  The River Seine,Versailles Palace, Luxembourg Park, Mouffetard market , Paris Opera House, The Shakespeare and Co. Book Store, The Moulin Rouge, Marmontre,  etc. We even tackled Paris Disney with our 4yr old. It can be done! We owe it all to the McClarren stroller which we used everywhere!!!!! And those 6 EUR baguettes sandwich's! We walked miles on end everyday! P.S  If your child is under 8! Don't leave home without it! My car chauffeured raised child couldn't handle the walks. Even with the Metro my feet worn out! Nevertheless, we had a great time! I highly recommend this city for family's, especially if you can rent an apartment and really get a feel on what its like to live there. And also its really accessible to visit nearby countries. We took the chunnel train to London for a day to visit friends and it only took a couple of hours. The EuroStar was awesome, and if you love train stations.....this will take your breathe. 

We soaked up the sun, we bumped into old friends, drank wine, we took in the beauty of the art , music, dance and indulged in scrumptious food. We laughed. We stood in awe. We hugged. We kissed. We made a huge effort to connect with the people and the language. We stayed in the moment. We disconnected from the hustle and enjoyed each other. And at the end realized how lucky we are to enjoy each others company, love each other as a family and just LIVE it UP even if it was for a couple of weeks the way LIFE is supposed to be LIVED!! 
 Au revoir Paris! We'll be back!

Saturday, August 31, 2013


 This summer my toddler took up swimming. Every parents nightmare.....can your little one survive, if god forbid they fall in the water? That has been my anxiety ever since he was born! He has no fear! He loves water. So it was imperative that he learn water safety and how to swim. I now feel a little more relieved. I hope to do this every summer until he swims in the Olympics!